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Confined, Miley Cyrus is not afraid to try new things. And she has left her mother take care of her hair.

Despite the containment, which is still relevant in the United States, Miley Cyrus does not neglecting. On the contrary, the singer of 27 years decided to get a new hair cut. And as usual, Miley Cyrus does not like everything in the world and has their own ideas of what she wants. The singer wished to have a ” pixie mullet “.

It is her mother Tish Cyrus who, guided by the hairstylist Sally Hershberger via Facetime, has played the role of the dressing table after People.

Miley Cyrus, delighted with the result

Miley sent me a picture as inspiration, but this pixie mullet is completely different from the original.

Has entrusted the Sally Hershberger has our confreres. She said that Miley Cyrus loved his new look that she did not hesitate to share through his story Instagram.

Miley Cyrus : Her new haircut is going to surprise you !

It is a good client because it is open to the idea of trying new looks. We were all very pleased with the final render, and I’m sure that his mother will continue to fine-tune the cut.

What do you think of the new style of Miley Cyrus ?

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