his widow, Laeticia Hallyday bereaved and sad


Laeticia Hallyday, the widow of taulier Johnny has lost a person who was so accounted in his life. She gave it back to her tribute on twitter.

The widow of Johnny Hallyday has expressed his sadness on Twitter following the death of the american singer, the author of world famous songs such as Lean on Me, Ain t No Sunshine or Lovely Day. “Sadness. RIP #BillWilthers. His songs have helped me to understand, accept so many aspects of life. There is not a day where I don’t listen to a song of him. We will miss it “has recognized Laeticia Hallyday. She also shared one of his favorite hits, Lean On Me.

The american singer died at the age of 81 of heart complications, according to a statement delivered by his family. “We are devastated by the loss of our devoted husband and beloved father. A lonely man with a heart determined to connect with the world in general, with his poetry and his music, he spoke honestly to the people and connected them to each other “announced his family. The press release indicates that a life as private as he lived close to his family and his intimate friends, his music belongs forever to the world. “In this difficult time, we pray that his music offers comfort and entertainment, while fans will hold their loved ones. “ can one read.

As Laeticia Hallyday, many people, stars and anonymous, paid him tribute, including the widow of Johnny.


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