How and where to see the farewell to Philip of Edinburgh, this Saturday

The service that will prevail on Saturday, April 17 to dismiss the remains of Duke Philip of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth, will be accessible to anyone with internet service.

Queen Elizabeth’s husband Philip of Edinburgh was two months away from reaching his centenary of life, which he would have fulfilled on 10 June, however, on 09 April, Queen Elizabeth’s“consort” departed at the age of 99 while still recovering in the comfort of his home from surgery derived from a heart condition.

During this week some of the details that will make up the solemn ceremony have been shared, such as the number of guests, who will attend, the place where the Duke’s remains will rest, the arrival of Prince Harry in London as well as the order that will take the tour to the last abode of what was the oldest member of royalty.


The fun3ral of the born under the title “Prince of Greece and Denmark” can be followed step by step thanks to the power of the internet, accessing through The Royal Family’s Youtube platform, so you only need a good connection and a smart device.

The event will start at approximately 2:30 pm UK daylight saving time, i.e. at 8:30 am Central Pacific time as Mexico.

Just as some of the members close to the British family, family, friends, and other personalities who by official provisions amid the restricted measures of the pandemic will not be able to attend.

In some specific cases, guests have ceded their place to other family members who require to attend, such as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as he transcended.

About thirty people including queen Elizabeth and Philip’s four children in addition to their grandchildren are among the attendees, with the exception of some of their great-grandchildren counting on the eldest of them to be only 11 years old.

In the midst of this news, a series of new provisions were released with which the queen breaks protocols, with this, they refer to the uniform that will be worn by the members who will accompany the courtship.

At first, and as several years marked tradition, a farewell would have been given up in military-style attire, particularly because of the arrangements that the “Count of Merioneth” and “Baron of Greenwich” himself made known at the time of leaving the earthly plane.

However, now the queen ordered that everyone should wear black suits, in order not to discredit Harry, who can no longer wear them at the time his grandmother, Elizabeth II removed all his titles after permanently relinquishing his roles within the British crown.

Apparently, with this, the monarch intends not to increase and make even more visible the estating that was created with her grandson after his new life in California.

On the other hand, it was also Buckingham Palace that clarifies that Prince Harry and William will not walk together ruling out that this refers to the frictions between the two was only because the queen ordered it.

As arranged, Harry will walk behind his brother and Peter, the Duke will have Princess Margaret’s son David Armstrong-Jones by his side.

Harry will walk behind his brother and Peter Philips (Princess Anne’s son), for his part the Duke of Sussex will have At his side Princess Margaret’s son, David Armstrong-Jones.

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