How many will bring the concert giant insider by Lady Gaga to fight against the Covid-19?


Dozens of stars confined to:The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Billie Eilish or even Christine and the Queens, Annie Lennox, and Angela.

All compiled in a concert virtual giant of 8 hours in the night from Saturday to Sunday in order to give voice to a cause. A “rallying cry” for caregivers and local NGOS that fight against the health crisis, hitting hardest our planet.

An initiative, known as One World:Together at Home (One world : together at homelaunched by Lady Gaga and sustained by the movement Global Citizen in collaboration with the world health Organization (WHO). Some 35 million dollars (over 32 million euros) have already been harvested to help different organizations involved in the fight against the pandemic Covid-19.

“A love letter to the world”

While the organizers of this show, virtual have seen, yesterday, 127.9 million dollars (117 million euros) in pledges in total! A successful bet for the american singer who, prior to the show, explained that the event had to be considered as a “love letter to the world”to the “gather” in the face of this disease. “We can do something to bring joy and a respite to the four corners of the planet”, she estimated.

The organization Global Citizen also intends to urge donors and governments to support the WHO in its response to the coronavirus. “The music gives us the opportunity to give us pause and think to unite us into one humanity”said the p.-d. g. Global Citizen Hugh Evans. This is a great outpouring of generosity as a sign of hope.

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