How Minecraft will end in 2020? This is what would be happening


The rumor that the servers of the famous game close this year has taken force, and may be due to a few changes that do occur in a specific area.

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In recent dates has been circulated a rumor stating that Minecraft will end in this 2020 because their servers will be shut down and would not be a lie at all.

A part of Minecraft itself closes

The rumor originated by something that itself is true: a specific division of minecraft itself is going to expire at the end of this 2020.

The segment in question is the Story Mode, a standalone game from the main launched in 2015 and has an original story over 2 seasons with 13 episodes.

The initial decision was that of shut down the servers in the Story Mode in the next month of December due to the bankruptcy of the company that developed this spin-off, Telltale Games.

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This company is renowned for The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, among many others. And in 2018, they had to close down because of the low budget with which they counted.

Minecraft Story Mode

Currently, the company was purchased by the LCG Entertainment and they are developing a sequel to its game’s most famous, but Minecraft is not already among its priorities.

What will happen with the Minecraft original?

While it is true that the Story Mode will end, the original title is not going in that way. On the contrary, you may wait for a great year.

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The recent union of the PS4 game sharing with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC it is something that has caught the attention of several players and is scheduled to have new content to release throughout the year.

So well are things that the developer team of the original game, Mojang, he shared his congratulations for the new year in the official account of the game on twitter:

While the Story Mode goes, this year also will be positioned two bets very interesting: the application of augmented reality Minecraft Earth and the exploration game dungeons Minecraft Dungeons.

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