How to Introduce a New Girlfriend to Your Parents

You already met her parents. Now it’s her turn. When you first met her relatives, most likely, you wanted to leave a good impression about yourself. Now you have switched roles, and you need to help her show her best. Your parents and your soulmate can’t always get along with each other, but if they do, then believe us, your life will be much easier.

1. Tell your parents that you have a girlfriend

We will not consider a situation where your soulmate has known you for many years, and accordingly, your parents, and they subconsciously perceived her as your future wife for a long time. For the mother and father to accept the girl well, she must be introduced in advance. Don’t bring her home, just talk about her with your parents, tell them that you have a girlfriend and you found her on a Russian dating site, for example.

2. She should look incomparable

Your girlfriend should be dressed modestly, but at the same time, stylishly and neatly so that there are no pleads on the clothes, if they are not provided for by the features of the model (for example, pleated skirts). Makeup either shouldn’t be in moderation or it should be barely perceptible. It will be enough for her to highlight her eyes or lips.

3. Prepare the girl for the upcoming acquaintance

It depends on you to a greater extent what their first impression of each other will be. Tell your loved one about the main hobbies of your mother and father, about topics that are better not to touch on in a conversation, and about the facts of your life. If a girl wants to buy a small gift for your close people, help her in the choice because you well know how to surprise your parents.

4. Explain to the parents that the girl means a lot to you and ask them to behave kindly

…regardless of whether they like her or not. If your mother plans to cook dinner specifically for this occasion, tell her about the girl’s tastes. Believe me, parents also want to make a pleasant impression on your chosen one.

5. Discuss all the details about food, taste, and intolerance

If your girlfriend is allergic to any foods, or she is a vegetarian, you obviously don’t want your mother to cook a chicken. You can even talk about her favorite dishes, and this will create more comfortable conditions for your close people.

6. Control your behavior

Try not to hug the girl too frankly, even if it is very difficult for you to restrain yourself. The result of such hugs can be a bad attitude of parents to your loved one. If you overdo it with tactile contact, your relatives may think that the girl is of easy virtue.

7. Start a conversation

Almost everyone doesn’t like long pauses during a conversation, and your parents want to know her better. But the less you told them about her, the more difficult it is for them to choose a suitable topic for conversation. If you give your relatives a little description of her, then it will be easier for them to build a conversation: “Sam said that you like to travel, and you traveled to many countries last summer. Which one did you like most?” By the way, forbidden topics that spoil everyone’s mood are politics, religion, complaints about life. It is better to avoid such conversations, especially if the parents and the girlfriend have different views on life.

8. Stay positive

Don’t be silent if you see that the conversation is in an impasse. Let your words cheer your girlfriend if she sees that it’s impossible to immediately establish contact with your parents. In a word, do your best to keep the conversation going. Be sure to take the girl home after it. Remember that the seriousness of your relationship means a lot to your parents.

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