Husband of Queen Elizabeth, Philip attended by Heart Failure?

Amid heavy controversy, the health of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband seems to be one of the biggest concerns for the monarch and her family, not only did she leave the hospital where she was located but also Philip of Edinburgh, she was transferred to another, all pointing to her “heart failure”.

Apparently, after two weeks of remaining in the “King Edward VII” unit, Prince Charles of Wales’father had to be transferred to another center for “deeper” studies that could be related to a heart problem, official sources reported.

It transcended, it was last Monday when it was thought that the“duke”, would finally leave the hospital after 13 days of remaining hospitalized, but what really happened is that he was on his way to another medical precinct.


A statement from Buckingham Palace reported on the current state of health of Queen Elizabeth II’s“consort”, also added that the measure was taken in order to “subject him to further studies and keep him under observation for a pre-existing heart infection”

As confirmed in the brief communiqué, noting the following:

He remains comfortable and is responding to treatment, but is expected to remain in the hospital at least until the end of the week.

The father of the future “heir to the throne” would have stayed for thirteen days in the private health clinic, located on Beaumont Street in the Marylebone neighborhood of central London.

On March 01, police officers made their way into traffic for an ambulance that left the back door of the first hospital center that received the“royal private counselor” in the first instance.

This has immediately uneded new suspicions about possible complications that prevent“princes’ grandfather”William and Harry from regaining their health.

It should be remembered that the royal is 99 years old and that he has already suffered some crises from which he has been able to get well fought, it will be on June 10 when the veteran and“member of the Windsors”turns 100, many still hope that he will be able to star in his centenary.

On the other hand, some of his royal heirs would have tried to calm the rumors by arguing that the duke was well, “stable” in “good humor” and awaiting his return home, as Philip’s youngest son, Prince Edward, reported in a recent interview with the UK’s Sky News medium.

His grandson, Prince William, confirmed the diagnosis by stating that his grandfather “was “fine and that hospital staff were watching him.”


However, the visit by the firstborn of the sovereign and the member of the British Royal Family, Charles of Wales, again caused concern as he was caught on the way out of the hospital and his countenance left everyone even more shocked.

The paparazzi captured the “future king of England” with a sorry face and even tearful eyes, at that moment came to everyone’s mind the memory of the bad relationship between the two, however, it was later disclosed that it was Philip who called the prince to elucidate matters related to the future of the crown.

The “duke” moved away from public life in 2017 and has been moved several times to receive medical care in recent years. In 2019, she received treatment for an infection.

The last time the couple was seen in public was at Princess Beatrice’s wedding where the sovereign and her husband came with a small group of 20 guests, for pandemic reasons.

Isabel and Felipe, starred in their 73rd wedding anniversary last 2020, which they celebrated behind closed doors and with an emotional photograph where they admire images of their link on November 20, 1947.

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