“I get messages of love upsetting to caregivers and parents”


Like many artists, including tours and concerts have been canceled due to the confinement to a health crisis new Matthieu Chedid, alias Mdon’t forget to both his fans and the public in general. As Jean-Louis Aubert, Renaud Capu├žon, Francis Cabrel, Slimane and Vitaa and all the others, it transforms his living room into a theatre. For him, it is every Thursday… And it’s good !

An artist generous

In an interview this 1st of April, at our colleagues of the Parisian, M states first of all have a lot of luck. Indeed, it is in a house near Paris and surrounded by greenery, in the company of his family, and in particular of her last child. “I feel very privileged and I take full advantage of this good energy to try to broadcast it to the maximum, especially to those who are in the front line to save lives for which I have an immense recognition“says Matthieu Chedid who think, of course, all the doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel mobilized to rescue people who are ill. His way of thanking them is to sing and to propose parentheses poetic, the story of forgetting this extremely difficult situation.

“What is good is that it is interactive, it is an exchange”

“This bubble of poetry and music makes me happy and is good for people. I get messages of love upsetting to caregivers and parents, videos of children who were prepared, babies who were dancing… This Thursday, it will be up to 21 hours. I asked a group of fans on Facebook to give me their wishlist of times. What is good about it is that it is interactive, it is an exchange”, continues Matthieu Chedid, father of Billie, she is also a singer. “This situation makes me creative. I have composed a few pieces, including one on what it’s like to live in the moment. Maybe I’ll do it for the Relief of the people, which was much needed at this time”, considers this artist’s sincere, when it is not music “discovered a passion for the tractor, the mower and the garden”. Like what, this containment can stimulate new sources of interest !

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