“I hope we don’t pass what we in the US”: Rafael Baca on the coronavirus


In a telephone interview with the journalist Olga Hirata, the midfielder of the Blue Cross, Rafael Baca, referred to the situation that keeps in suspense to the world and urged the mexican society to comply with the orders of the authorities to contain the virus Covid-19.

“It is a situation very ugly. I hope we don’t pass what we in the united States, who are our neighbors. Everything went out of control. Take great care (the mexican fans), stay at home and follow the recommendations of the authorities”, he said.

Consulted on the outcome of the Decommissioning 2020, which was paused after the conclusion of the day 10 as a preventive measure before a virus outbreak, Baca is aligned with the views that they want to see a definition of the tournament on the pitch and not in the offices of the League.

“We like things as they are in the rules, for me it’s important that we play the playoffs in com is provided. That is the right way to win the title, otherwise it is open to many speculations “, ended the player.


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