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Versions PC, Xbox One, Switch, PS4.

It is curious that, with the success so tremendsimo of Minecrafthardly has expanded its formula with the game from Telltale. In another short, any license so juicy you will have already a game of tennis, one of kartsone of fight Perhaps Minecraft not end of fit as a fighting game, but as dungeon crawler it seems that’s what makes it. We tell you our sensations after trying the new project from Mojang.

First of all, fun

Minecraft: Dungeons it is a dungeon crawler a game in which, basically, we have to traverse dungeons, and to escape them based on the successful license from Microsoft. This title, developed by the creators of the Minecraft original, bet by a formula replayable, in which the levels are generated randomly, making each game is different.

To survive follow
Survive continue to be important, although now we will have ms tools to achieve it.

Also bet by the cooperative, allowing up to four players simultneos to join forces in a game. The developers of Mojang explained to us that the main objective of your game is that it is fun; players to enjoy without complications. Therefore, any friend can leave or join our game at any time without interruptions.

Surely estis thinking that what happens with the balance of the game if anyone can get into any game at any time. Well, the idea is similar to that of Sea of Thieves: there are no levels. That is, unlike the game of Rare, s that there is a system of progress. Level up, we give enchantments, something that will allow us to modify our weapons to make them ms powerful, although we will not win ms health or ms defense, for example.

Playing with friends is m
Playing with friends is more fun, but we can do it without any problems in solo.

We were able to play both solo and co-op, and us pareci a game well planned and designed. The emphasis in the touch is noticeable, but combat also plays an important role. An example is that, in order to advance, we need to get a key that we carry on our back. If we daan, the key rub off running and we will have to chase it, so it is important to fight well during certain stretches.

This is particularly relevant in the battles against the minijefes. We have not seen any final boss, but it’s for us to find two rivals ms strong than normal, Enderman a kind of Slenderman and a necromante, that encourages you, at least, to fight with head.

As we say, the game est ms thought to be fun to be balancedso it is possible that if a player is too advanced to go to one of the dungeons of the beginning of the game, you are just a little bit easier, but while having a good time, the developers have achieved their goal. Of course, there will be difficulty options for those who want an experience ms challenging.

We await a great number of enemies of many types.
We await a great number of enemies of many types.

Point out that the developers confirmed that the game you will have co-op cross-insurance between Xbox One and PC. Right now they are working on trying to implement it and also with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, although there is no agreement yet and, consequently, can not be guaranteed.

Armed to the teeth

In the dungeons of Minecraft: Dungeons we’re going to find enemies to defeat, puzzles to solve, traps to dodge, and doors that open. The levels have multiple paths, and usually the side we are carried to places where we can get rewards, usually weapons or items. And like a good game of 2019, has its loot with different levels of rarity and dems.

The dungeons are generated randomly, so each game has to be
The dungeons are generated randomly, so each game has to be different.

As explicbamos, level-up gives us the enchantments, and with these we can aadirles skills to the weapons, such as attack mltiple, poison or the ability to electrocute enemies. It is important to mention also that there are various types of weapons, hammers, swords, guadaas, arcs, each one with a different style of game and their own animations.

In a similar way, and also we find the so-called artifacts. Are a kind of skills mgicas, ranging from summoning a wolf to help us in the battle to push the rivals. As, although there are no predefined classes as such, each player can go about creating yours through the combination of weapons, enchantments, and artifacts.

This t
This title has been developed by a group of only 20 people inside Mojang.

Dungeon crawling for all

Minecraft: Dungeons aims to offer an adventure for all players who enjoy Minecraft or who are looking for a dungeon crawler to play with friends in a casual way and in a relaxed atmosphere. Mojang has left clarsimo: the first thing here is the fun.

We do not believe that it will be a game memorable or that go to make history, but that can be a title to be very entertaining in which you take a good puado of hours with our friends, our children or our brothers and sisters. We don’t always have ttulos facts, simply, for us to pass well without complications, as we are looking forward to see what you can give s this release of the Microsoft as third party. Arriving in the spring of 2020 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

We have made these impressions after attending a presentation behind closed doors game at E3 2019.

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