In black and white! Kendall Jenner in session for Chanel

Beautiful model Kendall Jenner once again freaked out Instagram’s social network by posing without a garment and in a set for a Chanel session, becoming clear that she has outperformed her sisters, as they say, the student surpasses the teacher.

Kendall Jenner squandered more than beauty on social media with an engaging photograph that has to drive his more than 153 million Instagram fans crazy.

For several years Kendall Jenner has proven to be the ideal girl to model and promote hundreds of brands within the market and is that celebrities are undoubtedly the best advertising for brands, which firms know perfectly and so they treat with the new collections people who believe they can flag their products well.

Several months ago, the model shared a sample of her session for Chanel’s Chaos SixtyNine, where she appears posing without any clothing on her transparent torso and l3nc3r1a that allows her stylized legs and hips to be appreciated.

There is no doubt that at its young age it is already a symbol, because as you can see Kim Kardashian’s sister usually makes a big impact on Instagram’s social network with her posts showing the art of her d3snud3z, but she also shares the 1nt1m1dad of her home.

@chaossixtynine The Chanel Issue by @luigiandiango @katielyall @stockdale.charlotte @chaos,” Jenner wrote in the publication.


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Unsurprisingly, the publication we told you about that was made by the member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan became immediately popular, and to this day adds more than 10 million likes and endless comments from her admirers.

Kim Kardashian’s sister pike as a wardrobe a pair of gloves, high boots, transparent stockings, and [email protected] in black for the famous brand, however, what stands out inside the snapshot are the shiny accessories on her waist, her bare torso, and her dark mane.

It should be mentioned that this publication of the beautiful Kendall Jenner goes back to one of her sisters, Kim Kardashian, in which she chose to eat some succulent nudels without any garments around her, a photograph that undoubtedly surpasses the coquettishness on social media.

Kendall Jenner’s official account currently has more than 153 million followers; while her famous sister Kim Kardashian has 207 million, Kylie with 217, Khloé 131, and Kourtney 112.

As you can see, its slender silhouette, exotic features, and family lineage make it one of the most sought-after models of the moment and everything it wears becomes a bestseller.

Without a doubt, Kendall Jenner’s unrivaled silhouette is always worth taking several media covers around the world and especially when combining its beauty and curves with small garments.

On the other hand, on several occasions the model has been pointed out to retouch her photographs to show off a spectacular figure, however, Kendall Jenner always makes it clear that her body is natural and does not need to resort to Photoshop to look like a goddess.

And it is that through her Instagram account the supermodel shared a series of photographs in which she appears to be traveling with her boyfriend Devin Booker, with whom a couple of weeks ago she confirmed her relationship on her social networks.

However, the snapshot that caught the most attention is where Kendall stands in front of the mirror, stands on his back, and a selfie to the part of his innings, assuming that the body he wears in his photos is real while carrying a brown floss swimsuit.

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