In JLO style, Kylie Jenner boasts charms in front of the mirror

We know perfectly well that new York singer and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopezhas always been inspired by millions, whether for her talent, charisma or undisputed beauty, and this even socialite herself and also business owner Kylie Jenner knows, so she follows in her footsteps closely.

While we have seen them continue to socialize in important international galas, such as the “Met Gala” or the Costume Institute Gala, which is a charity event that opens the annual fashion exhibition of the Dress Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

In this themed event, the biggest celebrities in our neighboring country come with eccentric outfits, and of course, we don’t know anyone of this kind who is more special and creative when it comes to dressing than the Younger Sister of the Jenners,and of course, of course also the singer JLO.

But not everything in life are the awards or the red carpets, both celebrities,also from social networks share very often aspects of their daily lives, their travels, exercise routines and the typical selfies in the mirror, either head on or at different angles, with which we can best appreciate their splendid figures.

And we will talk about this right now, because while both empowered women have shown that hard work will always pay off, and maintaining an exceptional figure is hard work, because it doesn’t show up overnight.

For this reason, as a pride, snapshots are taken where their figures look flawless and then post them on their respective Instagram accounts, in order to show their millions of fans their cute silhouettes gained from exercise.

In addition, thanks to their social networks we have been able to realize that they have quite similar tastes when dressing, either for red carpets and super important events, or to do their routines and be comfortable at home.


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We realized that even to stay placidly while staying inside your home and at the same time look beautiful and flirtatious, they are very similar, more so with these images that we will describe below.

Kylie, for her part, decided to pose in front of the mirror, wearing a loose black pants and a basic triangular top so that everything stays in place, the Instagram model fell in love with her audience exposing her abdominal area.

Likewise, for these images in particular show us Stormi’s young mother with her hair lightened, so she gives one more touch to Lopez’s style, that Latin spark that characterizes her so much, because this particular tone enhances the crowded tan of both celebrated and beautiful women.

On the other hand, we have a selfie of Jennifer, posing with a beautiful sports ensemble, much like the one used by the tycoon of the makeup and skin care industry, where the artist wore a triangular top in blue, which she used to support her attributes when exercising.

With her characteristic caramelized tone on her hair, the celebrated actress sported her brunette skin with a peculiar shine, thanks to her beautiful tone.

Undoubtedly both are fantastic and stand out in everything they do, and while many claim that comparing is bad, there is nothing negative here to say, but the two of them dazzle wherever they step, or how they appear in their wonderful photographs that they place on their networks.

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