In period 2, The Politician continues to demystify the policy (and it is very fun)


After a first season at once seductive and uneven, satire, political The Political, created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, is back for a second tour of the track, in which our anti-hero to the unbridled ambition, Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), will face off against a veteran of politics, Dede Standish (Judith Light) in the hope of getting a seat of democrat senator of New York.

Again surrounded by his team of broken arms, dysfunctional, a band of millennials addicted to the numbers and campaign strategies, the young man is going to oscillate between the idea, as noble as it is the fact that the policy (and of himself) and… the reality. During this time, his mother extravagant, Georgina Hobart (Gwyneth Paltrow), who lives his best life in the west coast of the united States, where she is pricked by the policy, up to the point of stand in the election for governor of California. An idea is not so farfetched, when we know that in real life, it’s true, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been elected as the next Republican.

Coming out of the walls of a school of high prestige to go to the streets of New York in season 2, The Political extends the field of play of Payton and loses some of the intrigue poussives. If you like Jessica Lange, her role as a mother unworthy and manipulative in season 1 is not going to remain in the annals. The hollywood actress is giving her second place in the season as a duo formed by Judy Light, and Bette Midler, the first, that represents a senator involved in politics for 30 years and can count on the talent and the loyalty of his chief of staff, embodied by the second. This is a real pleasure to watch these two give the answer, you are going to share their men, or trying to plot against Payton.

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One of the trademarks of Ryan Murphy, is going to expose the taboos of the society and put them in the big kicks in the ass. It is a matter of trouple, lubricants, spicy, and bisexuality among the more than 50 years. Among young people, too, but then, one is less surprised. Put in the scene of different sexual orientations, is not an event it is, without doubt, one of the successes of the series. Or when, possibly, you can become a politician Should live in a relationship polyamoureuse with Marcus and her husband William, a companion during the last ten years – the writing ensures that it will become an asset for the political !

Payton had, in fact, the use of this secret against his rival, but in the end it is she who reveals to us his intimate life and to gain points in the polls, in particular, with its electorate of older women, delighted to see one of their claim to their sexuality. In contrast, monogamy and heterosexuality are gaining ground as the season progresses : the trouple of ten years broke quickly to the needs of a rebound and bisexual men, so little, and poorly represented on the small screen, are turning to relationships with the opposite sex. The same goes for the character bi played by Gwyneth Paltrow. The trouple Payton/Astrid/Alice, an artificial from the beginning, has ended due to the explosion in the volume of

But that is the main theme of the series, with the policy ? Times are changing and the old tricks no longer work. This season 2 The Political plays on the generation gap, the millennials blaming their parents, have led to an ecological disaster and not to get involved enough to try to repair the damage that was done. It is never better than when she becomes the policy a mockery to denounce all of its artificiality, and a system of election campaign, finally, based on the performance of the actor policy.

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We laughed a lot hearing the discourse of the “problem” of Georgina Hobart, who admits she is-even behind the scenes of the game just by his charisma and good will. His meteoric rise, with the blow of announcements hitting the media (the California proposition separatist) is reminiscent of the way that Donald Trump has been chosen, the version of bobo in california.

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The height of absurdity reaches its peak at the end of its seven episodes, when the choice of the seat of the senator·rice is two fingers to play ChiFouMi ! The control of the series to perfection its moments of WTF, and we laughed a good heart on the front of this satire, the twists and turns improbable (apart from the fact that, on two occasions, the opponents of Payton retire in his favor for reasons that are quite dark). The other side of the coin is that it is hard to believe, sometimes more serious, or are supposed to be in motion, it requires a sincerity on the part of the characters. The crocodile tears of a Payton flashes of lucidity sudden not to deceive anyone.

The wave of attempts to bring the series to a dilemma of philosophy – the end justifies the means ? – are null and void and without effect, from the first season, Payton and his team have shown that they were in fact a moral accordingly (the consequences of a particular action form the basis of any moral judgment of that action, and Payton agrees to lie or be involved in actions that are suspicious, such as the potential to rig the elections, under the pretext that he really wants to change the world and save the planet from an ecological disaster).

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The Political capture permanently the air of the time. In terms of the concern for the ecology for a generation of young people who prefer to participate alone or through associations such as the Infinite, becomes a member of the greens, who are participating in the circus of politics or of morals (most of the characters have a sexuality that is fluid). However, his characters are satirical, and both the constants in the representation of themselves that is hard to become attached to it.

It is a pity that some of them, such as James (Theo Germaine) or Skye (Rahne Jones) are under-exploited, when the team mean girls the blond and white (the Alice and Astrid) has the right to the intrigues of the outbreaks and, on the other hand, quite cold (abortion and a form of brotherhood, then it would have been easy to play on the jealousy between the two). The problem is that behind the inclusion of the actors, too often has the impression that The Political don’t know what to do with its minorities, if not limited to the stereotypes (that I told you about Andrew, stalker, jealous and nasty, the character with the most problematic of the series, is also disabled ?).

As in a number of productions Ryan Murphy, this is when it takes its cynicism and plunges into an abyss of absurdity that The Political it is the most entertaining and most successful. The way in which ends the second season smells like a third season of come, by this time, to get to the White House in a race (nothing less !). We got up, without a doubt, the eye in the sky a few more times, but we’re going to be there to see Payton and her troupe try to invest the Oval office.

The first two seasons of The Political they are available on Netflix.


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