In the car, Kendall Jenner lets her see her charms

The beautiful model and socialite Kendall Jenner is undoubtedly the queen of queens in the world of modeling and constantly shares the fruits of it on their respective social networks where she lets go on many occasions too much.

Kendall Jenner increasingly raises the tone to her Instagram posts and is that the beautiful girl knows that following in the footsteps of her older sister Kim Kardashian will surely continue to succeed and will also manage to be sought after by the best brands to be her unmatched image.

Going a few yesterdays ago on her official Instagram account she shared a photograph where she appears apparently in four while in a car, although she is not seen in the face, we sense that it is her, however, and clearly that would not be the first controversial photo with which we find ourselves on her social networks.

Kim Kardashian’s younger sister is one of the young models and celebrities who alter the peace of many not only on social media but also on the streets, as they have a habit of showing the same without 1nt3r1or clothing or with very few garments.

Through her Instagram account, the model shared an image where we can appreciate it from the car showing off her posadas while showing off translucent network stockings that leave very little to the imagination of users.

Weekend vibes #KyliesTurning18ImScared,” Kendall wrote in the post.

The truth is that Kendall never ceases to amaze everyone because she is constantly the center of attention and is in the trends of the day.


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It should be mentioned that this publication was shared on August 7, 2015, so at that time I looked extremely young and was in its beginnings within the world of modeling, so that publication so far has almost a million likes from its followers.

On the other hand, a few weeks the Model Kendall Jenner joined the list of famous foreigners with a brand of t3qu1la, however, her foray into the industry has received some bad reviews and generated controversy, although the guild does not see the initiative with bad eyes.

For almost four years I’ve been on a journey to create the best-tasting t3qu1la. After dozens of blind tastings, travel to our distillery and enter competitions anonymously and win. We’ve done it,” Jenner reported on her Instagram account

Unsurprisingly, Jenner’s announcement of t3qu1la 818 unleashed the compliments of thousands of her more than 154 million followers on Instagram’s social network, as well as the harshest reviews of her detractors, even though she is not the first foreign celebrity to have a tequila brand.

The 25-year-old model was accused of cultural appropriation for profiting from Mexico’s most representative drink, as well as for the high value it will have on the market.

Something about Kendall’s t3qu1la bothers me, it’s the idea that white celebrities take advantage of Mexican artisans and make a profit from our traditions when they only visit Cabo and Puerto Vallarta as vacation spots,” said a twitter user.

However, for the director of the Tequila Regulatory Council, Ramón González Figueroa, socialite’s new commitment is not a cultural appropriation.

Its brand was linked to the agro-industry tequilera in Mexico and respects the appellation of origin ‘T3qu1la’. We consider that cultural appropriation is when you imitate a product from a region and do not link properly with the industry that produces it, that is, you are not authorized to do so,” Efe González told Efe González on Wednesday.

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