Influencer JoJo Siwa Comes Out Gay

The 17-year-old star has come out of the closet this week via social media.

Actress, dancer, singer, and YouTuber JoJo Siwa, 17, has come out as gay through a TikTok video.

Siwa first hinted at her coming out of the closet in a TikTok video posted to her more than 31 million followers on Thursday. In the video, she dances to “Born This Way,” Lady Gaga’s smash hit of 2011 widely regarded as an LGBTQ anthem.

The video is Siwa’s most popular on TikTok. Of the more than 260,000 comments on the video, several major YouTube influencers including James Charles, Colleen Ballinger, Nikkie de Jager, Bretman Rock, and more, complemented and praised her.

Siwa posted another clear message the next day, wearing a T-shirt that read “Better. Gay Cousin. Never.” and saying that his cousin gave it to him.

Siwa also posted an Instagram photo of herself in a rainbow Gucci track jacket on Thursday.


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