Iris Mittenaere ravishing for a shoot on Instagram!

In Story from her Instagram account, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere shared a photo where she showed herself really bright for a shoot!

At the moment, Iris Mittenaere is following the projects. For now, she remains discreet about it on social media. But the pretty blonde’s Instagram fans are really looking forward to learning more.

For the past few days, Iris Mittenaere has also confided that she is in the middle of filming. She did not give more information on the subject. But one thing is for sure, she is preparing big surprises for the future.

On Thursday, January 28, Iris Mittenaere shared a new photo on her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that it did not fail to make a sensation on the social network. She appeared radiant.

The young woman appeared to be pampered. She posed during her makeup and hairdressing session. With her best smile, she clearly melted her fans.

With a zero Coke in hand, she also displayed herself in a really classy outfit. The pretty blonde opted for a pretty checked jacket. More radiant than ever, she was unanimous on Instagram.

In the caption of her Instagram photo, Iris Mittenaere also wrote: “One day, a courage.” All accompanied by an adorable little red heart. Her fans wonder what she can prepare.



During her filming, Iris Mittenaere gave a big rant. On Instagram, she explained to her fans: “So we actually ordered an hour and a third from Joe and The Juice”.

Iris Mittenaere also continued: “We were delivered 1 hour late and surprise! We only have drinks!! So the whole team will be running all day drinking juice. And obviously no answer on the phone to the rest.”

The young woman also added: “And charged with all the order of course. I’m too venerated when I’m not eating.” Fortunately, the pretty blonde was able to count on a member of the team who brought a McDonald’s.

So she was able to continue the rest of her filming with a full stomach. Despite her busy life at the moment, the former Miss France does not forget to make little pleasures in life.

Indeed, Iris Mittenaere performed her workout every day. Accompanied by her coach, she was able to empty her head quietly. But that’s not all. She also took a moment in her day to read.

The pretty blonde took advantage of a moment in front of a book to clear her mind. One thing is for sure, despite her busy schedule, she was able to take time for herself!

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