Iris Mittenaere responds to criticism following his tribute to George Floyd – actu


Iris Mittenaere has paid tribute to George Floyd on Instagram. Criticized, it has not hesitated to answer.

Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Steve Carell, or even Barack Obama: very quickly, the stars are committed and have taken a position following the death of George Floyd. Monday, May 25, this African-American 46-year-old died after his arrest by a white policeman in Minneapolis, causing the dread of the world when confronted with images of his arrest filmed. Thus, on his side, Celine Dion has launched a call upsetting recalling that”it is not enough not to be racist, it must be anti-racist” while Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have offered a large sum of money to fight racism. In France also, the personalities have become the word, or manifested, in the manner of Omar Sy, in Los Angeles or Kylian Mbappé, who has both made a beautiful tribute to George Floyd and the police.

The #BlackOutTuesday Iris Mittenaere criticized

Other stars are when they manifested through social networks and the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday on Instagram. The principle: post a black square in tribute to the victims of racism. Yesterday, Tuesday 2 June, in France, Vitaa, or Slimane have posted the image on Instagram, just like Lola Séchan, Amel Bent, Jarry, and Nabilla. Iris Mittenaere did the same, accompanying the image of the message “Black Lives Matter“(“The life of the Black account”). But his post has aroused the anger of many internet users. They claim that its “hypocrisy” and the fact of never having taken a stand against racism before: “You have not heard these last two years where the French police massacred protesters“, wrote one of them.

She responds to criticism

No question for Iris Mittenaere to leave criticism without reacting to it. Quickly, she responded in the comments of her post : “I reacted in the story since the day after the broadcast of this video that made me vomit even before France starts to post anything. Use that energy to educate ourselves, talk about we, discuss. There is here a universal message that is the right to live. Here or elsewhere. I think it is important to talk, to learn. And this is what I’m doing today rather than to create a debate on the date of the speech. This post is for every life ripped away too soon, and for that it does not happen again. Because every life has the same value and must be defended“. Users are now warned: they can criticize it, but Iris Mittenaere will not do.


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