Is Emma Watson really going to marry Leo Robinto?

Emma Watson, is the famous actress already engaged to her boyfriend? We can say that rumors abound in this sense for the star …

Emma Watson’s private life is at the heart of all media attention. Indeed, Hermione’s Harry Potter performer recently threw the web into a panic. The reason? The rumor of a career stop for the benefit of the person with whom she would be engaged. Info or intox?

It’s hard to interfere in Emma Watson’s life. Thus, the Harry Potter actress would soon have switched to the status of “fiancée”.

Indeed, she seems to be spinning the perfect love with her current Jules: Leo Robin too. To the point where he would then have passed the ring to his finger?

This eagerness would explain his choice to put his career on hiatus. You are aware that his agent made it clear that his career was on “pause”.

It’s enough to freak out all the Potterheads fans of the actress, who were hoping to see her in an upcoming film. For now, although it’s not a hard stop, it’s focusing on other things.

Did Leo Robinto’s so-called “fiancee” Emma Watson turn her back on Hollywood for a formal wedding? Or is this just another set for the movie star?


In the past, Harry Potter fans whole entirely wanted the actress to get together with her then-co-star, Tom Felton. Yes, Emma Watson had a crush on him.

Disappointment for them, when they learned that she had made her life with Leo Robin to, an illustrious unknown, or almost.

This one is an American businessman who made the bed of his trade in the sale of legal cannabis. He is also the brother of an influencer named Daisy Robin.

For her part, the actress seems to be living her best life alongside her boyfriend. From there to say that they are engaged, there may be a world.

However, Emma Watson’s fans did not fail to step up to the plate when they saw a ring on her left ring finger, the finger used for these famous engagement requests.

This ring would confirm that she is already engaged to this famous Leo, whose name is on everyone’s lips. Finally, according to other Internet users, it is better to put water in your wine.

On a recent shot showing them both coming out, not the shadow of a jewel on the horizon. Our beloved witch will wait for a little before getting married!

“She also asked for the dessert menu and the waiter couldn’t understand it,” a user told the @DeuxMoi Instagram account. Case closed.

So she said ‘dessert’ in an American accent and became hysterical,” she says in the tone of the anecdote. It’s understandable that these days, the star is under pressure.

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