Is Kim Kardashian ready to ban Kanye West from seeing their kids?

Things are taking a completely different turn between the two exes. Kim Kardashian would be willing to ban Kanye West from seeing his children.

For several months, things seem tense between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. We know they’re irreconcilable, after all. Thus, both have chosen to distance themselves. While their divorce looks imminent, the girl seems to want to take him out of her life.

Is Kim Kardashian ready to raise four children on her own? It seems that the boss of KKW Beauty wants to draw a line between the past and her relationship with Kanye.

Thus, the ex-wife of the self-proclaimed “Yeezus” would have wanted to keep her children out of his grip. For his part, the rapper left home without making a fuss.

The two future exes have a lot to deal with lately. Between the fortune, they have to share and the custody of the children, everything is not easy.

Finally, some gossips suggest that Kanye West’s wife would have wanted to issue an ultimatum to him. Worse, she threatened to never see his children again.

Are these sordid rumors to harm the couple who are trying so hard to get by. Did Kim K really want to oust Kanye West as a father?


According to People!, Kanye West would spend some of his time with his four children. North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm have the presence of their father at their side.

It is a difficult stage in their children’s lives to see their parents, two celebrities, separate. Kim Kardashian should, in that sense, make things easier.

“A nanny is there during the guards,” a source told People. “Kim is absent, at Kanye’s request,” she says.

However, her future ex-husband’s mental health seems to be of concern to her. So maybe that’s why an intermediary is there when he wants to spend time with his children.

“Kim made it clear that Kanye could talk to his kids whenever he wanted, “it reads. “She never threatened to deprive him of his children,” a source told the tabloid.

“She knows he loves them, and the children love him. Kanye can call the kids faceTime whenever he wants to. Kim knows he needs to be close to his children.”

By breaking up with Ye, Kim Kardashian does not intend to take away her role as a father, quite the contrary. She just doesn’t want to deal with him anymore.

“Kim remains rather disappointed that they can’t find a way to stay together,” the Peopletabloid reports. “But it takes two to make a happy marriage.”

For now, no compromise possible between the rapper and the superstar of the reality show. The next step will be, for both of them, to be perfect co-parents.

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