“It has been your pillar” Who supports Queen Elizabeth without Philip?

It has been more than a week since Queen Elizabeth’s husband is hospitalized, the Duke has always been his main support Will Prince Charles now support the monarch?

The“Duke of Edinburgh”, Philip, has not been able to leave the hospital “King Edward VII” where he was transferred precautionary after presenting certain discomforts, his wife, Queen Elizabeth II has always had very strong mettle, part of this is because of her husband, who has also been her “counselor”.

Now, the woman of one of the longest periods of reign in history, would have the support of many of its members but will Charles of Wales now support the sovereign?

It is in particular Prince Charles of Wales, who would now be working even harder and has taken a step forward, so Queen Elizabeth would recognize that he has been her pillar of strength, revealing a source to Us Weekly.

It notes that other members of the British Royal Family have come very close to England’s main political figure.

Not for nothing, Elizabeth II has obtained the title of“The Unwavering” and in the face of the new situation of her husband the long-lived and queen of the commonwealth of nations, has tried to handle the situation in the best possible way, let the same report be seen, Her Majesty has distinguished herself by dealing with the most complicated situations, reiterate

As usual, Isabel has been able to deal with stress and sadness with great dignity. Hers have also come mostly close to her, her grandson, Prince William, Duchess Kate, Duchess Camila, Prince Charles, Princess Beatrice.

Even The York Eugenia herself, who recently became a mother, has joined Elizabeth, the source says.

In the face of the status of the 99-year-old royal, which they have reported as “stable” although it has not ceased to be an alarm for the advanced age of Prince William and Harry’s grandfather.

In the midst of this, the royal family has not stopped making some movements, visits, and statements around these moments. Currently, the 94-year-old monarch is confined to Windsor Castle.

It was Prince Charles of Wales, one of the first in the family to make a visit to Philip to the medical center where he remains, remained for a little over half an hour, reportedly the “heir to the throne” accessed through the back of the hospital unit, then returned to his home in Gloucestershire.

As long as the royals’ health has been reported to be going through a severe infection, however, it has been ruled out that it is related to the sarS-Cov-2 virus.

It has even been reported that the “duke is in a very good mood and in a lot of spirits to leave soon,” Prince Edward of Wessex himself revealed in an interview.

However, his tenure has been prolonged as doctors ensure that he is not at risk according to the latest communications from Buckingham Palace.

On November 20, the British royal couple celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary, without celebration, Isabel and Philip were photographed admiring the photo albums recalling that historic moment, it was a postcard from the couple shared on @The Royal Family’s Instagram account that honored the special date.

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