“It was a biological pump”: the definition of the mayor of Bergamo on the Champions League match that accelerated the infections by coronaviruses


Occurred on the 19th of February. Most of 40 thousand fans of the Atalanta moved by road from Bergamo to the San Siro stadium in Milan, about 55 kilometers from your city. Were yet two weeks to the World Health Organization declared the strain of the Covid-19 of the coronavirus-like pandemic. This match between Atalanta and Valencia, corresponding to the knockout stages of the Champions League, it was designated as a “biological pump” by the mayor, Italian Giorgio Gori, in charge of one of the most infected in the world.

That first meeting of the key between Italian and Spanish is marked by medical specialists as one of those who hastened the dispersion of the virus in Spain and Italy, the two countries with the most cases in Europe. The maximum authority of Bergamo coincided with those assessments of the infection and discussed the issue in an interview conducted via Faceboook with various media members of the Association of the Foreign Press. “In Italy the patient one appeared on the 23rd of February. If it is true that the virus already circulating, it is very likely that the 40 thousand bergamascos that were to the pitch of the San Siro have exchanged the virus. Nobody knew that the virus was among us. Many gathered to watch the game in groups and that night there was a strong accelerator of contacts. Some who had the virus passed it on to others” he explained by adding to the analysis also to those who gathered in different places to see on tv a meeting that was historic for Atalanta, because it was the first time I participated in the maximum competition of football of that continent.

The definition coincides with the one that gave days ago the head of pulmonology at the hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII Bergamo, Fabiano di Marco: “40,000 citizens of Bergamo came to the San Siro in Milan to see the Atalanta-Valencia. In bus, in car, in train. It was a bio-bomb, unfortunately”.

The latest updates indicate that in all the Italian territory it is registered more than 69,000 cases and the number of dead already exceeded the line of the 6,000 people. In this context, the region of Lombardy it is the most affected with about half of the cases in the country: 30.000 citizens affected with the virus and more than 1,900 deaths. Precisely, Bergamo it is the province with more cases within that region: 6.720 sick.

“The spark was in the hospital Alzano Lombardo, where came a patient with a pneumonia that was not recognized: infected to other patients, doctors and nurses. That was the source of the outbreak. That was the main problem,” said Gori.

“The party was a month ago; the times coincide. It is the ideal environment for the virus. Thousands of people, less than two inches of distance, between screams, hugs and euphoria collective. It is likely that that party have attended a few asymptomatic,” had theorized the doctor immunologist local Francesco Le Forche some days ago. This event also attended by some 3.000 fans in Valencia, a Spanish community which today registers more than 2000 cases.

That encounter ended 4-1 in favor of the italians and the shock of the round, that was developed three weeks later in Spain, was played to behind closed doors because the evolution of the virus was already stressed in much of Europe. On the day following the 4-3 Atalanta on Valencia in a clash definitory, WHO decreed the coronavirus as a pandemic of way officer.

The stage in Bergamo today is of extreme concern. The city is “deserted” and in the last 48 hours, the government decided to close almost all of the activity: “no one moves, except to make the purchases,” said Gori. In the last few hours, a group of 52 cuban doctors he arrived in Lombardy to help other colleagues in a panorama of overflow and in the next few hours will land another contingent of 31 specialists from Russia: “About 140 doctors are sick because they were not protected. If a network of 600 medical, lost 140, all of the service is weakened. Now reach volunteers, physicians, newly received, we have called doctors of private structures, to retirees. In addition, they have also come from outside of Cuba and Russia; we are very grateful.”

“It is believed that the virus was in Europe from December 2019 and in January were already dying with him, but we didn’t know”clarified the mayor of Bergamo. These assessments, in such a case, reinforcing the theory that the meeting Atalanta-Valencia was a focus of contagion is very pronounced. Currently, Italy it is the second country with most infected in the world and Spain (47.610 infections) is located on the fourth ranks behind the united States.


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