It wasn’t racist Queen Elizabeth with Archie, oprah Winfrey clarifies

Oprah Winfrey clarifies in the midst of her interview with actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that it was not Queen Elizabeth or Philip who mentioned the skin color of her great-grandson Archie.

Amid the controversial interview the driver held with Meghan Markle, and the British family member, the“Dukes of Sussex” broadly revealed that it took them a step back in their roles within the crown, the reasons she referred to were “racism” and “lack of support.”

Meghan of Sussex, suggested at some point that some comments arose in the midst of her pregnancy of her firstborn Archie, about “What would be the color of her skin?” Taking into account her African-American origins, this hurt her deeply, suggesting that they would have sprung up inside the family circle by her husband.

Oprah Winfrey clarifies that the alleged concerns did not come from Queen Elizabeth or Philip, the child’s great-grandparents, this, after Sussex themselves, directly accused the British Royal Family of presenting such comments, however, neither the monarch nor her husband was part of those conversations, clarified the television tycoon.

He wanted to make sure I knew, and if he had the opportunity, he shared it, that it wasn’t his grandmother or grandfather who were part of those conversations. Oprah Winfrey noted.


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In questioning Prince Harry about these concerns, Diana of Wales’s youngest son reiterated that he would never talk about it.

Similarly, on several occasions, those who were “senior members” of royalty have bluntly accused the press of racism and of giving them hostile treatment, particularly the“former tv actress.”

However, Meghan Markle did not overlook that during her time as one more member of the family she faced very difficult moments that led her to a strong “depression” that made her have [email protected] thoughts, however, they never received help from the British Family, she said.

The star of the series“Suits” commented that on each of the occasions when they asked for help they were told “that they could do nothing for her”, the opposite of what happened to other members of the British Family for whom they immediately responded to any attack.

These facts inevitably remind Prince Harry of the difficult times his mother, “Lady Diana,” who faced all the scrutiny of the press alone and who, in seeking help, found no support from any family member.

It should be remembered that in the midst of the separation between the remembered princess and Charles of Wales, Diana Spencer offered an interview in 1995 that completely changed the image of the British monarchy.

The queen immediately ended up approving the separation between her son and her, however, this left the royal completely unprotected as the security elements were also removed leaving her at the mercy of the paparazzi siege.

Even with this, Harry himself, the youngest son of the “Princess of Wales”, reiterates that perhaps his mother would not be as happy about how things came about them, but mainly, “I would like to see his children happy.”

The accusations came at a time when the UK is facing a hot debate over scratch issues that have come from its colonial past, something the Black Lives Matter protest movement in the US turned on the flame again.

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