its cosmetics finally available in Europe !


She has done ! Kylie Jenner has finally launched his brand of care Kylie Skin in Europe. Its cosmetic products are therefore available.

What good news for thes fans of Kylie Jenner ! The products of its new care brand Kylie Skin are finally available in Europe ! MCE TV you tells everything in detail !

She will not stop never ! Kylie Jenner is become a true business woman. It gives background on the creation of his own brand.

The young woman took confidence in it when its brand of makeup has become very popular. All the girls dreamed then of having the red lip matte Kylie Cosmetics.

It must be said that the mother of Stormi has been fine role models of success in her family. Starting with the inescapable Kim Kardashian.

The latter already has several companies to his credit. And it does not stop there ! During this period of confinement, she launched her lingerie brand SKIMS.

A great success ! Kylie Jenner has so decided to do as his sister ! It is, therefore, focused on its brand of beauty products !

Kylie Jenner: her cosmetics finally available in Europe !

Kylie Jenner: her cosmetics finally available in Europe !

Kylie Jenner : the Launch of Kylie Skins in Europe

Last year, the sister Kendalll has launched its range of care Kylie Skins. It works quite well in the United States.

But Kylie Jenner sees even further ! She did everything to its products are also sold in Europe.

This is what she had, therefore, stated on his account Instagram ! “ I am super excited to announce that my brand Kylie Skin will be launched in Douglas in Europe this Friday.

“You will be able to officially make your purchases online on the 22nd may next. It’s great because today, it’s been a year since I launched this brand. I am so very impatient ! “

And here we are ! This Friday, may 22, thus marks the launch of its cosmetic products in Europe ! They are finally available ! Its subscribers are, therefore, very pleased !