Ivanka Trump entangled in a case of e-mail messages


Published on 20 nov. 2018 at 7: 47Updated 20 nov. 2018 at 18h03

It is a case of potentially embarrassing for the White House. According to the ” Washington Post “ the daughter of the american president, Ivanka Trump, is said to have used his personal address to send over a hundred emails, some of which were on government business.

It is in the fall of 2017 that officials from the White House would have had wind of these practices, which violate the rules of conservation of the federal archives. Ivanka Trump would have then apologized, stating that she was not aware of the rules, reports the daily american.

After the publication of the article in the ” Washington Post “, the clan Trump defended himself of any wrong use, explaining that Ivanka Trump has used his personal email ” almost always used for subjects of logistics and planning for his family “.

Political role

Ivanka Trump plays a role in the political foreground in the United States. She advised her father during the election campaign of 2016, and then followed him to the White House, where she has an office but is not paid.

The woman 37-year-old regularly participates in meetings with foreign leaders in the oval office. Last may, she represented the United States during the relocation of the american embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem . The role of the couple Trump-Kushner is often criticized by the opposition democratic party, which condemns a mixture of styles between public and private affairs.

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“The case of the e-mails” of Clinton

The case revealed Monday by the Washington Post “echoes” the case of the e-mails ” of Hillary Clinton. During the election campaign, the candidate of democratic party was criticized for the use of her personal email when she held the position of secretary of State (2009-2013) under the presidency of Barack Obama.

The boss of the FBI, James Comey, had denounced its “negligence” extreme, some of the e-mails sent from his personal server with sensitive information on america’s security.

This case had leaded the election campaign of the candidate a democrat until the last days of the presidential election. Denouncing ” the biggest political scandal since Watergate “, Donald Trump had made an argument of the campaign, and had even threatened to send her rival into prison. During its meetings, the supporters of the real estate magnate started and the slogan ” Lock her up ! “(” enclose-here ! “), in a clear allusion to ” the case of the e-mails “.


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