Jake Gyllenhaal (Spider-Man) close to Tom Holland (the Avengers Endgame), he shared a sweet message for his birthday


A bromance as we like ! Last month, the editorial’ of melty revealed the tender confidences of Jake Gyllenhaal about Tom Holland on their first meeting, a few words which prove how the link between the two stars has instantly been strong. Ultra close for several years now, and despite their respective agendas have been well filled, they don’t forget to be there for each other in the key moments. The last proof in date ? A message absolutely adorable Jake for the 24-year-old Tom that is sure to melt fans.

Jake Gyllenhaal wishes a happy birthday to Tom Holland
Jake Gyllenhaal wishes a happy birthday to Tom Holland

In this message more than touching reposted by Tom Holland himself in his stories Instagram, Jake Gyllenhaal has left to speak in his heart : “Happy birthday to this true gentleman, @tomholland2013” he said to his friend before continuing : “We’re all damn glad you were born” accompanied by a photo of the two actors then ultra accomplices. How not to crack so many mignonitude ? One thing is for sure, the fans will leave probably never to be witnesses of this beautiful friendship ! In the meantime other declarations of love of the genre, check out this great moment of solitude that Tom Holland has been living with a star international.

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