Jennifer Aniston: Fans are outraged after adoption rumors!

On social media, Jennifer Aniston’s biggest fans express their anger. They denounce all the adoption rumors.

For the past few days, a rumor has been circulating on the web: Jennifer Aniston is in the middle of an adoption procedure to collect a little girl. Very angry, the fans are getting to the niche!


You must have heard or read this rumor. Indeed, it is rumored that Jennifer Aniston would finally want to know the happiness of motherhood.

Thus, we can read, on social networks as in the press, that the star of Friends would like to adopt. From then on, the actress would be in the middle of an adoption process right now.

After all, this rumor is not surprising. It must be said that Rachel Green’s performer in the American sitcom is already over 50 years old. As a result, she may no longer have children by natural remedy.

But in addition, Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend might want to raise a child. It’s not as if her financial wealth doesn’t allow it, is it?

So, according to the British edition of Closer, Jennifer Aniston would have taken advantage of her reunion with the Friends team to tell them the news.

So the actress would like to adopt a little girl from the Mexican orphanage Casa Hogar Sion. In fact, a source, one of her relatives, has also added a layer!

« Jen felt the reunion was the perfect time to make the announcement,” she said. Then she assured that Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow were already informed of her maternal desires.

The actors of Friends, on the other hand, were not! So, “she thought it would be an opportunity to tell the boys (…) because she rarely sees them these days.”


So, if we believe again our colleagues, Jennifer Aniston is really about to jump the mark of adoption! Especially since everyone around her would give her enormous support.

Starting with the actors of the series Friends. According to the source, they “shared every detail of their lives and supported each other”.

As a result, they were really “delighted” for her. However, it would seem that this whole adoption story would be just a setup. And for good reason, Jennifer Aniston denied it through her agent’s voice.

Thus, these rumors are totally “false”. In fact, another source confirmed her claims. “The rumors that Jennifer is adopting a baby are false and never happened.”

So, on social media, Jennifer Aniston’s biggest fans are calling for an end to these rumors. Indeed, they would like to delete all the messages that evoke the subject. A subject that, it is recalled, makes the actress very sad.

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