Jennifer Aniston had a really bad birthday?

According to a tabloid and an anonymous source, actress Jennifer Aniston spent her 52nd birthday completely alone.

A tabloid reported that Jennifer Aniston was not in the mood to celebrate her 52nd birthday. And that’s because she expected to have children at that age.

The Life and Style tabloid insisted that as Jennifer Aniston approached her 52nd birthday, she was full of regrets and therefore not in the mood for a party.

A source said the star could spend “days without talking to anyone.” Before adding: “When she’s not working, she stays at home with her dogs and watches TV shows.”

Jennifer Aniston would also have given up any kind of love life. “Jen refuses to prepare for appointments. And it doesn’t come close to dating apps anymore,” the source said.

The current covid pandemic has had an effect on Jennifer Aniston’s party plans this year.

However, the source said there were deeper problems. Ouch! “The covid has of course changed the way we celebrate. But it goes beyond that,” she said.

«Jen just doesn’t feel it this year. So it will probably be the loneliest birthday she can remember. While Aniston’s famous friends “all want to see her,” she “resisted an intimate and socially distant reunion”.


As noted above, the problem is deeper. “She really thought she would be living with kids at 52. She feels moved about it, which is why she doesn’t want to be with anyone,” the source concluded.

The actress has made it clear in the past that she wants to have children. “Yes, I could become a mother one day. If I ever do, I’ll be the first to let you know. But I’m not looking for motherhood because I feel incomplete, as our celebrity news culture would lead us all to believe,” Jennifer Aniston told the Huffington Post in 2016.

Here, the young woman was keen to denounce the tabloids who claim “that women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful or unhappy if they are not married with children”. Jennifer Aniston leads the life she likes, even though she has no children.

The proof! The day after her birthday, she posted a picture of herself on the beach. In the caption of the photo, she wrote: “Thank you all for yesterday’s love! I wish I could hug each of you.

One thing is for sure, Jennifer is aware of her success. Anyway, we wish him a very happy birthday!

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