Jennifer Aniston: her secrets to always staying fit and young!

Actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed her secret to being healthy and explains how she maintains her dream body at her age.

The beautiful Jennifer Aniston reveals her secrets to staying healthy!

Since the 1990s, Jennifer Aniston has changed a lot. But the Friends actress is still as radiant as ever.

From the top of her 52 years, the pretty blonde has a great career behind her. And her popularity continues to grow.

So to please her fans, she decided to open her own Instagram account. And it was her best friend Courteney Cox who welcomed her.

For the occasion, Jennifer Aniston shared a nice shot with her girlfriend. After Friends, the two actresses remained very close. Rachel’s interpreter has even become the godmother of her daughter Coco!

But it’s not just with Courteney Cox that she’s friends. Indeed, the two BFF also found Lisa Kudrow to watch the Emmys together!

And this friendship delights the fans. The co-stars of Friends have all announced the release of the reboot of the series. But because of the health crisis, they’re going to have to wait a little longer.

So to make them wait, Jennifer Aniston shares her daily life on social networks. And since then, she’s become a real influencer!

That’s right, the actress has 36 million subscribers. A record for someone who has just opened her account!

So she shares a lot of photos of her life and especially of her dog. A beautiful little labrador named Lord Chesterfield.


Jennifer Aniston is still as beautiful as ever. And to do so, the actress often shows her dream body to her Instagram followers. And they wonder what her secret is.

His sports coach Leyon Azubike revealed the star’s diet and training. She told Women’s Health magazine: “We do boxing, jump rope, we do intensive sports, and a lot of work with elastic bands.”

“We shoot between these exercises, so it’s always a bit hard. She always outdoes herself. I’m a big fan of changing exercises because the body reacts better and changes,” she explained.

Even though Jennifer Aniston has a busy schedule, she still manages to find time to stay in shape. She adds: “If I know Jen is not filming it’s a different routine than if she was about to receive an award. I’m not here to destroy her legs the night before. »

In addition to these exercises, Jennifer Aniston and her coach do spinning, yoga, and many other sports. This explains how the star manages to keep her youth as well.

Leyon Azubike confides in their relationship and explains that they have great respect for each other. And that it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

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