Jennifer Aniston : her suffering is hidden during their shoot in Friends


Jennifer Aniston has played for almost 10 years, one of the most important roles on the television series Friends. And if everything seems to be going in the joy and in good mood, the actress recalls an episode of pain that she has lived in this period.

In each of her appearances, often seen on Jennifer Aniston all the smiles. At the age of 51, the stunning actress in the physical dream continues to seduce. Also, speaking of seduction, for a long time without news of her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, many fans hoped that they had to replace the cap after their appearance together at the ceremony SAG Awards. But this aspect is in the finala reconciliation friendly. And in regards to his professional career in the audiovisual sector, in Friends she has known her first real success. That one stumbled upon the series by chance, one has to follow the episodes of the letter, or that we can still see in the loop today this series is a classic. But it seems that the friendly atmosphere was not always sunnyin particular, for the actress who plays the role of Rachel Green.

“I started to say to me ‘, But it is directed to this p*tain of the series !’.

Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe came to lose your partner in the course of the road ! Jennifer Aniston has entrusted to us in the show The Drama Actress Roundtable in experience would have gone well : “Time is running out. What I want to say is that I absolutely could not get rid of Rachel. I don’t échappais never a ‘This is Rachel from Friends !’. It was like that all the time and, after a while, I started to say to me ‘, But it is directed to this p*tain of the series !’.“. So, confident in his distress : “I said to myself that I was not perhaps not be able to do something more. They may have had a reason. I was a girl, in his apartment in New York with its walls of color purple. But I have fought against myself. Against him that I was in this industry. There is a real sense of freedom in the fact of age, due to that I stopped worrying about everything.“. An opportunity for all of us who knew to put his suffering to one side to the delight of the faithful spectators.

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