Jennifer Aniston in a relationship with a mysterious man?

American actress Jennifer Aniston has reportedly found love with a very mysterious man. And it wouldn’t be Brad Pitt!

Jennifer Aniston wouldn’t be a heart to take! The Friends star is said to be sharing his life with a man with a very mysterious identity. Brad Pitt is not her boyfriend…

Speculation never stops around Jennifer Aniston’s love life! Indeed, Internet users want to know: does she live as a couple? Or is she still single?

According to our colleagues at the Daily Star, this Monday, February 15th, the one who lent her features to Rachel Green in Friends is no longer a heart to take. Thus, the pretty blonde of 52 years would share her life with a man!

So, the American actress would be in a relationship with a “very handsome man”. His identity has not yet been revealed. Is he a public figure? Suspense…

However, “they still have tons of things in common,” a source told InTouch. Before adding: “He has his feet on the ground, beautiful, he makes her laugh and he makes her feel safe. She trusts him. »

One thing is for sure, her new darling would never have appreciated the series that propelled her into the spotlight. After all, she couldn’t please everyone!

In fact, that’s what Jennifer Aniston would have loved about him! The anonymous person explained that “one of the best things” about their relationship is “that he’s never been a fan of the show or his friends, which he found so important”.”


In any case, this information about Jennifer Aniston and her new love story has something to surprise. And for good reason, Internet users lent him a new relationship with Brad Pitt!

Indeed, the actress and star of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood were a mythical couple in the 2000s. So everyone was hoping to see them reunited.

In fact, some were convinced that they had put the roof back on after discovering a photo of Jennifer Aniston. Thus, the pretty blonde had photographed herself in her dressing room, in the middle of filming.

Behind her was a man, napping. However, the head was not visible. So it didn’t take more than his fans to imagine that this man was none other than Brad Pitt.

It must be said that this hypothesis was likely! Indeed, the two actors were not very far from each other at the time. As proof, the pretty blonde 51-year-old was filming the second season of The Morning Show in Los Angeles.

Maddox’s father Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox were filming the film Bullet Train. Thus, the two exes were on the same ground. So they could have ended up in the dressing room after a long day of filming…

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