Jennifer Aniston raunchy in a nightgown to celebrate her birthday!

On the occasion of her birthday, Jennifer Aniston took a sexy photo in a nightgown that she posted on Instagram!

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Aniston! On February 11, the young woman celebrated her 52nd birthday in a sexy way, in a small committee, given the current health crisis.

That didn’t stop the Friends actress from posing sexy to mark the occasion. The pretty blonde took a picture in a sexy nightie.

She unveiled this selfie taken with her favorite hairdresser. Chris McMillan. Jennifer Aniston is sitting in a nightgown. Cross-legged and hair in every direction.

“HAPPY ANNIVERSAAAAARY JEN. I love you. Tellemeeeeent lol. “wrote the hairdresser of the stars, Chris McMillan on Instagram. A message that touched the actress.

With the current pandemic, the young woman had to cancel the huge party she wanted to organize. Remember, for her 50th birthday, the Friends actress had made a mark.

Brad Pitt’s ex had invited her loved ones to the Sunset Towers Hotel in West Hollywood. As a result, many celebrities had made the trip for Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston even invited her ex, Brad Pitt, to the party. “Jennifer no longer sees Brad with a romantic eye. But she still has a place for him in her heart,” a source told Us Weekly.


On social media, Courteney Cox wrote a tender message for her Friend’s girlfriend. “Happy Birthday Jenny Louise! We’ve known each other for so long. I don’t even remember why I call you that. I love you! She wrote.

The actress posted two never-before-seen photos alongside her lifelong friend. Internet users were able to discover two never-before-seen photos of the two friends. For the first time.

The first is Jennifer Aniston and her friend alongside Coco, the actress’ daughter, and David Arquette, now 16. On the second, the two accomplices seem to be on a road trip, with cowboy hats on their heads.

Her ex, Justin Theroux also had a thought for his ex-wife. The actor shared on Instagram a black-and-white photo of herself, on stairs, in front of a wall covered with mirrors.

As a caption, she wrote: “I love you, B.” A message that speaks volumes about the actor’s affection for the actress. As a reminder, she split from Justin in 2018.

“We are two best friends who have decided to end our relationship, but we look forward to starting a friendly relationship,” the Friends actress said in a statement at the time of her split with Justin Theroux. Separated, the two exes always seem friends.

Jennifer Aniston recently announced for her birthday that she is filming season 2 of her series, The Morning Show. The actress was recently photographed on the streets of Los Angeles on the set. She was accompanied by Reese Whitherspoon.

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