Jennifer Aniston ready to distance herself from Brad Pitt?

Is actress Jennifer Aniston looking to distance herself from ex Brad Pitt? We’ll give you more details.

Jennifer Aniston ready to distance herself from ex Brad Pitt?

Since their breakup in 2005, fans are still hoping to see their two favorite stars get back together. But Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt seem to have chosen to remain mere friends.

Indeed, after a rather difficult breakup, the two actors had remade their lives on their own. Brad Pitt had found love again in the arms of Angelina Jolie.

After 2 years of marriage and 12 years of living together, the couple eventually separated. In 2016, they announced their divorce. Even today this one is still not finalized.

Jennifer Aniston, for her part, had also turned the page on her story with the handsome actor. It must be said that their separation had been humiliating and difficult for the young woman to live.

But she succumbs to the charm of Justin Theroux with whom she will live a love story of 7 years. The beautiful actress and the young man will also end up getting divorced after 2 years of marriage.

Moreover, the distance would be the cause of their separation. The pretty blonde prefers to live in California and in New York. So they each had their own lives on their own.

In announcing their separation, Jennifer Aniston indicated that they would remain friends. In fact, she also stayed very close to her ex Brad Pitt.

But today, she seems to want to distance herself from him. What’s the reason? We’re telling you everything!


Rumors around Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt who are reportedly in a relationship again have peaked lately. The cause? A mysterious photo that the beautiful actress posted on Story Instagram.

In the photo, we discover the body of a man lying on the ground behind the young woman. It didn’t take much for the fans to panic!

They think it’s Brad Pitt. The Instagram account Deuxmoi set fire to the powder by claiming that the two exes would see each other in secret. This information has never been confirmed.

Others are convinced that this is the young woman’s new boyfriend. Mirror magazine claims that Jennifer Aniston is in a relationship with a mysterious young man.

A source reportedly told Closer magazine that the beautiful actress would be “on a little cloud.” On the other hand, the Friends starlet would have decided to put in place some rules with her ex.

According to the same media outlet, she would avoid answering her calls when she was with her baby. “Their relationship was ambiguous in the past. So she prefers to distance herself so that her new boyfriend doesn’t feel threatened. a source said.

But who is this mysterious man who makes Jennifer Aniston’s heartbeat again? Case to follow!

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