Jennifer Aniston says that the use of a mask, “should not be a debate,” in the case of a pandemic coronavirus


“If you care about human life, please … just #wearadamnmask and encourage those around you to do the same,” he concluded.

the Morning show the star has also shared the same feelings in their stories Instagram. “Wear a mask and be responsible. This is not because things open-ended as it is safe, ” she writes.

According to CDC web sitethey ” recommend that people cover the faces of the fabric in public places, and when you are around people who do not live in your home, especially when other measures of social distancing are difficult to maintain. “

“The cap faces in fabric are more likely to reduce the spread of the COVID-19, where they are widely used by people in public places,” reads a press release posted on the CDC web site. “The cap faces in the fabric can help prevent people with COVID-19 spread the virus to others. “

This is not the first time that Jennifer discusses the pandemic and used their platform to help others during this time.

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