Jennifer Aniston: The 52-year-old actress has evolved since Friends!

The 52-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston has evolved since her first appearance on the series Friends! We’ll give you more details.

At 52, Jennifer Aniston has evolved well since the Series Friends! D1softball News looks back at the journey of the woman who has become America’s best friend!

On September 22, 1994, the Americans met a gang of 6 friends to whom they soon became attached. The first episode of Friends attracted 21.5 million viewers in front of their screens.

That same day, a bride runs away from her wedding and pushes the door of a New York café. This mysterious woman, named After Rachel, is played by young actress Jennifer Aniston.

You should know that this is not the actress’ first role. Indeed, the young woman is immersed in comedy from an early age. His father is also a well-known actor across the Atlantic.

At only 16 years old, she already stars in the series Days and Lives. She will then follow many small roles before landing the one that will take off her career!

It is by playing Rachel Green that Jennifer Aniston will become an essential face of comedies. Besides, the beautiful actress took a long time to break away from her character in Friends.

In 10 seasons and 236 episodes, Rachel’s character becomes a true fashion icon. Indeed, women all over the world will copy her style.

The young woman becomes a TV and red carpet staple! Besides, she will be rewarded for her work. We’re telling you more.


Jennifer Aniston has charmed the audience with her portrayal of the pretty New Yorker. In 2001, she received the People’s Choice Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

In 2003, the young woman will also receive a new award for her talents as an actress. This time, the young blonde is awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actress!

A prestigious award that all series actors dream of! The young woman seems filled with happiness thanks to her career.

On the heart side, the pretty blonde had a beautiful love affair with actor Brad Pitt. Together, they will form one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples.

After 7 years of love, the couple eventually separated. In 2011, Jennifer Aniston found love in the arms of Justin Theroux whom she met on the set of Peace, Love, and more so affinities.

The two lovers married in 2015 before leaving two and a half years later. Today the young woman does not seem to have found love again.

And if several tabloids like to say that she and Brad Pitt are together again. That is not the case. The two actors are just friends.

This Thursday, February 11, the pretty blonde blows out her 52nd candle! So we wish him a happy birthday.

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