Jennifer Aniston: those things she loves to do outside of filming!

Outside of filming, Jennifer Aniston has a list of activities she loves doing. Find out which ones!

When Jennifer Aniston is not on set, the actress enjoys her free time. What are her favorite activities when she is on leave? The editors of D1softball news tell you more!

Fans never know enough anecdotes about Jennifer Aniston! Indeed, Internet users love to know more about their idols.

So if you’re one of his biggest fans, that’s fine. And for good reason, this article was written specifically for you. Isn’t life beautiful?

So there’s a lot of things you probably don’t know yet about the one who lent her features to Rachel Green in Friends. So let’s list them point by point!

Outside of filming, Jennifer Aniston makes the most of her free time. First, the American star applies a whole bunch of masks to her face and enjoys a delicious drink for hours.

Then the former girlfriend of actor Brad Pitt goes to the stove. So the pretty blonde of 52 years loves to prepare big dishes, like homemade lasagna.

That’s not all! The actress could also walk her two adorable puppies for hours. It’s no secret! She’s more than a fan of her two hairballs.

And of course, she takes the opportunity to find her old band of friends from the series Friends. It must be said that the filming of this program has linked them forever!


But that’s not all! Jennifer Aniston would always find free time to perfect her tan. Indeed, the actress would always make sure to stay at the maximum of her beauty.

Thus, this is what a source said: “She has her tan spray on the speed dial. She convinced tanning rituals to make her look decades younger. »

“This tanning spray has become an obsession! In addition, I feel and is not very attractive! But the smell wouldn’t be the only thing Jennifer Aniston would do to herself!

“For Jen’s family, it’s something you just have to get used to and not notice after a while. The problem is that it turns orange. »

And the least we can say is that she can’t help herself! In winter, too, the American star would brush himself with his favorite spray.

“Jen is pleased to be ahead of everyone else. She’s been doing this for years, rain or shine, and it reinforces her confidence to know that she has a summer glow in the middle of winter. She likes herself better when she is dark gold everywhere. »

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