Jennifer Aniston tired from filming “The Morning Show”!

Jennifer Aniston works like crazy on the set of “The Morning Show”. She’s out of print on Instagram!

As you probably know, Jennifer Aniston is currently filming season 2 of The Morning Show. The very famous American actress seems exhausted by the filming of the new episodes!


To the delight of her millions of fans, Jennifer Aniston has just shared a brand new photo on her Instagram account.

The 52-year-old actress appears in the offices of The Morning Show. But it stands in a rather special way… She looks really tired!

Indeed, Rachel Green’s performer in the huge hit series Friends is partly lying on her chair,but also on the table in the center of the room.

Yes, you did. A position that says a lot about its current condition. Actor Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend can’t take it anymore!

“And it’s only Monday,” reads the caption of the post. Despite the state of fatigue of the star, the photo is still very beautiful. Jennifer Aniston wears a beautiful, classy work outfit!

Under the spell, Internet users have once again reacted en masse to the new post of their idol. It already has nearly 3 million likes! No, you’re not dreaming…


With every appearance on the Web, as on the big screen, Jennifer Aniston makes a sensation. It’s simple, everyone loves it and admires it!

It must be said that the very famous American actress of 52 years has a lot of talent. She goes through the shoots, but also and above all the very big boxes!

Nothing seems to be able to stop the huge movie star. Her many fans follow her crazy adventures en masse, especially on social networks.

And for now, there’s plenty to do. The idol of an entire generation reveals everything about her daily life, to say the least animated. With it, Internet users never really have time to get bored.

Photoshoots, small moments with loved ones, behind-the-scenes shots, and unpublished announcements, everything goes! Jennifer Aniston makes no secret of her very large audience.

Not long ago, the pretty blonde has once again made a name for herself with a new photo available on her Instagram account. On this one, she then appears exhausted from the filming of season 2 of The Morning Show, but still seems very happy to participate.

She loves her dream job! One thing is then certain, the one we know as Rachel Green in Friends has not finished making talk of her …

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