Jennifer Aniston willing to do anything to stay sunbathing all year round?

Shock! Rumors say that Jennifer Aniston is no longer attractive and seems too orange because of her obsession with being bronzer H24!

Bad Buzz today for Jennifer Aniston! According to sources close to the star, she is willing to do anything to stay sunbathing all year round and is almost orange!

According to Globe, recent photos of Jennifer Aniston show that her skin has turned into a strange shade of orange. Shock!

Followed by more than 36 million fans on her Instagram account, the famous actress of FRIENDS is still unanimous on the web! But new rumors are adding … Indeed, it would not be as attractive as it once was because of its obsession with sunbathing…

“She has her tan spray on the speed dial. She convinced tanning rituals to make her look decades younger. This tanning spray has become an obsession! In addition, I feel and is not very attractive! “So,” said the source. To be clear, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t care about her smell as long as she can tan!

Indeed, the source points out that the spray tan really has a very distinct smell! But that’s not all!

“For Jen’s relatives, it’s something you just have to get used to and not notice after a while. The problem is that it turns orange.. .. he says afterward!


Simply put, Jennifer Aniston loves sunbathing more than anything! In fact, the source also said that she was one of the first celebrities to try spray tanning!

« Jen is pleased to be ahead of everyone else. She’s been doing this for years, rain or shine, and it reinforces her confidence to know that she has a summer glow in the middle of winter. She likes herself better when she is dark gold everywhere. the source said at the time.

But beauty has a price, even among the stars! “All her crazy beauty treatments cost her $50,000 a month. But she can certainly afford it! Was it entrusted! A very nice sum say so!

Last year, Jennifer Aniston’s facial player, Toska Husted, also revealed that the actress loved to sunbathe!  Jennifer was doing a lot of spray tanning, which I told her about because it clogs your pores. We did a lot of exfoliation to remove that, and she said, “You don’t let me sunbathe, so I used a self-tanner, and now I can’t use it anymore,” she told Pop Du Sucre.

However, there is no indication on the networks that the pretty blonde has become too orange because of her alleged obsession with spray tanning! Case to follow then!

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