Jennifer Lawrence was drunk on the set of Passengers ?


This Sunday 15 September, the channel TF1 broadcast the film Passengers. A feature-length film that has left funny memories of Jennifer Lawrence – forced to alcooliser to shoot his scenes the most olé-olé !

If few women would feel the need to alcooliser to turn to the side of the beautiful Chris Prattit has not been the same for Jennifer Lawrence ! The output of the science-fiction film, the actress had, indeed, told to have a lot of drinking to shoot his scenes the most hot with the Guardian of the Galaxy. “I started shabby,” she said then Hollywood Reporter, “But it has only stressed me more because when I went back home I was no longer very sure of what I had done.

The couple that the actor then formed with Anna Faris had been only increasing the discomfort of the young woman : “It was going to be the first time that I was going to kissed a married manand the guilt I gnawed at her stomach.” If pretend is the main component of the job of Jennifer Lawrence, she simply could not control the discomfort intense that took her on the set.

I ended up calling my mother to ask him to tell me that everything was going to be okay,” confessed the actress. “I was very vulnerable, and I just wanted to not do too much… You want it to be true on the screen, but it is complicated. I had never been in such a state !“Fortunately the game was worth the candle !

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