Jennifer Lopez: Alex Rodriguez willing to do anything to win back his wife!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are going through a rough time. They do a huge job on themselves in order to save their romantic relationship.

Alex Rodriguez is indeed determined to save his relationship with the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

Last week, several American magazines announced a separation between Jennifer Lopez and her darling. The couple was quick to speak out in order to set the record straight.

Alex Rodriguez first posted a Story on his social media, saying “I’m not single!” Then the couple ended up issued a statement saying it was“inaccurate” information.

Yes, yes, you heard it right. After four years of relationship and two years of engagement, the two lovers are still together. Phew!

However, the two stars do not hide that their relationship is experiencing some turbulence. But Alex Rodriguez intends to make up for it.

The young man left Miami for the Dominican Republic. Indeed, the young woman is there for a shoot. This makes it difficult for the couple to see each other.

Everything seems to have happened like clockwork. “She was delighted to see him. They’re really trying to figure out things that don’t fit between them,” said a relative. Before adding: “It was a happy reunion.

For her part, Jennifer Lopez’s sweetheart noted in an Instagram story: “Okay Monday. New week. New day. Forward. Upstairs. ». So we hope it will last as long as possible.


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged in 2019. The young man applied by the beach in the Bahamas.

If the moment remains unforgettable, it is also because the former baseball player was accused two days after his engagement of having deceived his dulcinea.

Indeed, one of his former teammates claimed that Alex Rodriguez had an affair with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco.

But our favorite singer decided to trust her darling. So it remains to be seen whether she has really managed to forgive her fiancé or if the problem comes from something else.

«We worked on ourselves. We went to therapy. I think it really helped us in our relationship,” Jennifer Lopez recently said, before talking about the postponement of their union because of Covid-19: “It was a big deal. We had planned everything for months and months, it had to take place abroad (…) Maybe it wasn’t the right time.”

So we hope that the couple will get away with this last chance trip. And that the situation will have improved so that they can organize a beautiful and big wedding. Case to follow then!

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