Jennifer Lopez moved by a father’s speech about her transgender daughter!

Touched by a father’s speech about her transgender daughter, Jennifer Lopez delivered a beautiful message of love on social media.

Nothing is stronger than a parent’s love for their child! Jennifer Lopez knows that. On social media, the American singer shared Tuesday, March 16, a father’s viral speech about his transgender daughter.

At 51, Jennifer Lopez is the proud mother of 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max. And like all the parents in the world, she cares about her offspring more than the apple of her eyes!

No wonder the famous singer was touched, like many parents, by the message of Brandon Boulware, an American family man, about his transgender daughter.

Indeed, Jennifer Lopez shared the beautiful speech of this dad on his social networks. The world star also accompanied her publication with a message of love: “I love it... It touched me… The love of a parent… Love changes the world“. It’s beautiful!

If the father’s words for his transgender daughter touched the singer and went viral on the Web, it’s not for nothing. Far from it!

Indeed, beyond the beautiful message conveyed by Brandon Boulware, this story has a particular political echo right now in the United States.


In the United States, in Missouri, a bill aims to prohibit trans athletes from participating in sports activities in high school. Unless they play under the sex indicated on their birth certificate!

In this context, Brandon Boulware addressed Missouri lawmakers to convince them to repeal the bill. And so it was on this occasion that he delivered his touching speech by Jennifer Lopez!

“For years, I didn’t let my daughter wear women’s clothes or play with girls’ toys. I even forced him to wear boys’ clothes, cut his hair short and play on boys’ sports teams,” explained Brandon Boulware.

The father of the family who moved Jennifer Lopez then said that he had had a click. And so stopped forcing her daughter to be someone she wasn’t. He then clarified that his daughter had joined a women’s volleyball team and that she was fulfilled.

“I ask you: please don’t take the sport away from my daughter. Or others like her who play a sport. Let them have their childhood! concluded, Boulware concluded.

By sharing this beautiful message of inclusion and living together, Jennifer Lopez shows once again that she is, before being a great artist, a mother, and a committed woman. Thank you, J-Lo!

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