Jennifer Lopez reveals his abs highlights in full session of sport


For those who were more motivated to do sports at home, this latest photograph of Jlo will you rebooster for the summer !

Definitely, Jlo we dream with his dream silhouette, toned and muscled. At 50 years old, the star displays olympic form. In a latest photograph posted on his account Instagram, revealing his abs sculpted. What motivate us for a good session !

Jlo, the queen of abs

If we can say one thing, it is that the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez does not let go with the time, quite the contrary. Just input in the fifties, she continued the sport with eagerness, and her silhouette can testify to that. In a latest photograph published on its networks, we see it in sports outfit, leggings and bra taking a selfie. Lifted hair and light make-up, her outfit reveals her belly perfectly flat and his abs were protruding. There is no need to say, the chocolate bars are at the rendez-vous.

As to each published photo, the 120 million followers of the star the compliment to no end. One could read in the comments :


His photos in full session of the sport seem to motivate her community, and it is an excellent thing !

The sport, a family history

The sport is a real passion for the whole family to Jlo. A few months ago, you could see the star, her husband Alex Rodriguez and his children in the open air, in full session of a sport. And to see their silhouettes, the whole family seems to keep the pace.

A real source of inspiration !


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