Jennifer Lopez, the selfie in a bikini 50 years ago, discuss fans in disbelief: “But how can you…”


The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Jennifer Lopez, is statues to be fìsico. 50 years, the Queen of pop music is the living example that with perseverance and willpower, you can work around that age. The last selfie in the mirror, written by the singer on Instagram, e-rave all the fans.

The photos are stunning: JLo is wearing a costume minimal with drawstring is nestled high in the body, hairstyle with a bun, eyes fixed on the goal. His body seems to be perfect, and to the right of the title of one of the sexiest women in the world. About training: the pop star, in fact, has never hidden to follow exercises, physical constants, to stay in shape.

And the results are well visible, are envy, longing”for the boy. “Relaxed and re-charged, is the caption of the photo, social, based on the regeneration after the Super Bowl, the event football is more followed by America, that the views of the protagonist of the show, d opening, together with Shakira. Their performance, between choreography, incredible, costum: super sexy and pure energy has breathless the audience, the Hard Rock stage in Miami and America as a whole.

Over talent, versatile of the puerto Rican: Jennifer is not only a singer and dancer but also an actress and entrepreneur has managed to make itself an Empire. Today, she is one of the most influential women in the world, although its origins are very far from successful artist he is today.

Lopez is in fact born, and raised in the Bronx, a borough of New York, where the American populous is less. Nevertheless, the emergence and the success that he has always dreamed of. At his side the beautiful fifty-year-old, can boast of a family (big family) and happy. Her future husband, Alex Rodriguez, follows you everywhere, as his two children were from her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer and Alex’s friends officially in the last year, during a vacation to the Bahamas and not for long, be a man and a woman.are



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