Johnny Depp : these hidden messages that could make you lose your battle against Amber heard


The defamation lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp might be cancelled. The actor would have violated a court order by posting strange messages.

Bad news for Johnny Depp. A couple of weeks ago, after having fought a bitter legal battle against his ex-girlfriend, Amber Heard, the actor filed a defamation lawsuit against the editor-in-chief of the Sun. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean complains that the u.k. tabloid and its owner to be presented as a proven fact, in an article published in April of 2018, he had hit the actress by describing it as a “wife-beater”understand “drummer female”. He also had filed a complaint against Amber heard after a forum in which she had published in the Washington Post in which he spoke of his alleged domestic violence. But this trial may be cancelled due to Johnny Depp has violated an order of the court. The actor had previously been invited to disclose the messages that were in the process of searching for drugs. But their attorneys have not responded to the Court. The judge of the High Court held that he had thereby violated the “unless the order” that forces him to show the documents of a procedure of defamation launched against Amber Heard.

The judge will dismiss the request of Johnny Depp about all of the hidden messages put in the unfortunate position of. The lawyer of the Sun he said that the “the pill of happiness” and “the things of the white‘whose Johnny Depp he spoke showed that he was trying to get the MDMA and cocaine, which, according to him, was “deeply damaging to his case:” He has shown contempt for our courts, and of his lordship”. He continued, saying that the absence of any “contrition” in the part of Johnny Deppand an apology for the violation of the order of a court, and showed a “arrogance is breathtaking”. The lawyer of the actor, David Sherbornesaid that the messages were not relevant because they do not refer to the allegations of domestic violence and stated that the case should not be cancelled. “The problem in this case is whether the defendants can prove that the applicant has committed a serious domestic violence case and put the Lady Listened in fear, said. It is not a question of if the Lord Depp application of the drug.”

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A long court battle

In their court battle, Amber heard and Johnny Depp have always denied the accusations of the other. According to the actress, her ex-husband, has filed a “the situation of hostage-taking in three days” in Australia, while he was taking the MDMA and was under the influence of alcohol. Johnny Depp “expressly disclaims” you have taken the drug, and states thatAmber Heard found a bag of pills. The incident would have happened in Australia is one of the fourteen separate allegations of domestic violence, that allegedly took place between early 2013 and may 2016, in which the editor of the Sun it is based on your defense. As a reminder, the ex-couple settled their divorce amicably in 2017. A trial of three weeks before the Royal Courts of Justice in London that was scheduled to begin in march, but was delayed due to the pandemic of Covid-19 – scheduled to begin July 7, with the ex-partner of Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder one of the witnesses.

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