Johnny Depp willing to lie to the court to bring down Amber Heard ? The latest revelations


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp planted officially in August 2016, but their legal battle continues to pursue. Each week, it would seem that a new plot twist to happen in this fight between the two. Johnny Depp would be determined to restore his reputation and his recent declarations on Amber Heard were particularly surprising. The situation has constantly evolved since the actress has released a video of her ex-husband. The latter ensures that all of this was a lie orchestrated by the young woman and her friend Tillet Wright, a key witness in the procedure, because she would have called 911 in the name of Amber Heard. Now, the actress says that Johnny Depp would have committed perjury before the Court in regards to the exact number of 911 calls that have occurred during an incident between the two stars in may 2016.

Johnny Depp has-t-he lied to the Court ?
Johnny Depp has-t-he lied to the Court ?

Johnny Depp has claimed that he had not had a single call then that Amber Heard ensures that there have been so many. According to the actress, the public records and logs of calls, the LAPD will give him the proof of his accuracy, which could lead to a case of perjury for Johnny Depp, who continues to be supported by his fans. According to documents provided by The Blastit would seem in fact that there had been two phone calls separate in the course of the alleged incident that led to the divorce of the two stars. This could give more weight to the testimony of Amber Heard, as well as his assertion that Johnny Depp would have been able to perjure themselves. However, how this revelation will affect the judicial process remains a mystery. For his part, the actor continues to proclaim his innocence. He ensures that his ex-wife would have invented this whole story and that she might have even painted bruises herself to get a restraining order.

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