Jonah Hill, an actor who swears too much ?


It is almost accustomed to hearing profanity in the film. Even if it depends a lot on the kind of movies, the saga Marvel has even made a running gag around the character of Captain America. If some productions are on the hunt for cigarettes, the same logic does not apply to profanity. But what are the actors say on screen ? A site was fun to do the accounts and it is Jonah Hill who wins the prize.

Jonah Hill is ahead of Leonardo Di Caprio

Comedian american Jonah Hill occupies the first place in the standings with 376 swear words spoken in the course of his film career. When we know (according to the fiche IMDB) that he has shot in 60 different films, his filmography is clearly impressive as they were talking about an average of 6 or more swear words per film. And as much as to say that he has not said in all his roles, either.

For those who are not familiar with this actor, he played in 21 Jump Street and then 22 Jump Street, the Wolf of Wall Street or even Money Ball. A career that has thus led him to rub shoulders with Channing Tatum, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt. He has also toured alongside Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johansson or even Joaquin Phoenix. Like what the swear words are definitely not a brake for a great career in Hollywood .

For the curious, it is in the Wolf of Wall Street that it has the most swearing, 715 in total. A record amount, which allows Leonardo Di Caprio to take the second place in the standings with 361 expletives. Samuel L. Jackson is in third place, thanks to his roles in Tarantino. Finally Adam Sandler is in fourth, thanks in particular to its role in Uncut Gems. This movie from Netflix is also the second after the addition of profanity (646) in front of the Casino (606) of Martin Scorsese.


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