Jonathan Cohen is a child in the back of the Marina Foïs in the “Huge” by Sophie Letourneur


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Marina Foïs in “Huge”
(Copyright Memento Films Distribution)


16/07/20 14h41

The September 2, 2020 has launched the new comedy from Sophie Letourneur with Jonathan Cohen in papa hen and Marina Foïs in the mother-to-be in spite of it.

Claire is a huge for some time. Claire is a star of the piano, constantly on tour, and her husband Fred also is his agent, his bodyguard, his man to do everything… One day, he decides to make him a baby in the back. Claire is pregnant and doesn’t know it. From this assumption of a crackpot is a comedy shifted such that Sophie Letourneur know how to do it. From Life on the ranch (2010) and The Coquillettes (2013), the filmmaker weaves a unique path in the landscape marking the comédie-française. In the trailer, the game of Marina Foïs, stoic, works as a counterpoint to burlesque in the face to the expressiveness of Jonathan Cohen (actor specialist pellets of comedy, Canal + : Blocked, Brief). The comic contrast also takes the form of a reversal of the traditional roles of father/mother. Claire is excessively courageous, irresistibly fun with its “huge” pregnant belly she lugs around without knowing what to do, and Fred, in their place, it becomes the perfect father, though omnipresent, he decides to “take charge” of the motherhood of his wife : he follows the course of childbirth without pain, and is preparing to breastfeed the newborn. A movie that takes up our prejudices against the flow of the hair and should be, between two debates on the extension of paternity leave, the mental workload, or surrogates, to make us laugh.

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