Juicy sum? to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by interview

It is not known whether Buckingham is ready to face everything actress Meghan Markle will have to say, what is a fact is that Prince Harry and the American would receive a juicy financial benefit from this interview, we revealed to you how much it is!

The CBS television network will broadcast this Sunday, the controversial talk in which, in particular, Meghan Markle, backed by Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, will reveal his experience as a “crown member” without anyone limiting his revelations, his statements will come at a price and this would be the amount.

With Prince Harry’s support, the“former TV star” will reveal all about his brief passage through the monarchy and his statements will come at an expensive price.


According to The Wall Street Journal, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will receive the millionth sum of between $7 million and $9 million, according to alleged data revealed last Friday.

The interview with Oprah will be one of those that until today conform to one of the most profitable negotiations by the“Dukes of Sussex”, who would have signed the contract with the American television network, although according to the site, “for the moment the network has not confirmed the amount disbursed” quoted nearby sources.

Among other details revealed by the economic newspaper, it was known that the program, which has united a series of scandals involving the“former senior members” and the British monarchy, will last two hours.

Similarly, it transited that the show will premiere on Sunday, March 07 during high-time U.S. time, it will be Monday when the broadcast arrives in the UK.

Issues such as the fact that the youngest son of The d! funta Diana of Wales will address the difficult part in her mother’s life as a member of the British Family and the fact that the presenter questioned Meghan Markle “If at some point she was silenced?” would give important clues to the new storm to be unleashed.

Also, in an excerpt from the conversation, Oprah would question the Duchess after she addressed accusations against the British Royal House for a series of falsehoods towards Harry.

“TV mogul” Oprah Winfrey, a friend and neighbor very close to the couple, questioned How did it feel to give her version considering that Buckingham Palace will be able to hear it?

Markle responds to this blunt, which he does not know “as they imagine they would remain silent without The Signature” (Royal British House).

Meanwhile, official sources of the monarch’s official residence, Queen Elizabeth II, have confirmed that they investigate versions of “mistreatment” of former Californian collaborators while an active member of royalty.

Harry’s wife has reportedly humiliated two members of his team and “undermined the trust” of a third party, sources close to “The Time” claimed.


Meanwhile, the friendships of Enrique de Sussex’s spouse advocate for her among themselves, a former companion of the series “Suits” where Markle collaborated, pointed to the Royal Family as “Racist”.

It was Patrick J. Adams, who was at some point, a co-star with Meghan in the television series where collaborated, the actor raised the voice against Royal British House after they made the press known, opened an investigation into the signs against her of course “ac0so” employees of Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence, in turn, members of the work team of the “Duchess” he sees.

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