Jurassic World 3 : Discover-t-in what happened to the Island Sarcastically ?


What prepares us Colin Trevorrow with Jurassic World 3 it is still very mysterious ! Despite a couple of insistence on the social networks, the developer who jealously guards sealed of the plot of the last part of the trilogy of 100% of the dinosaurs. The next film of the saga, titled Domainwill be in charge of closing the gates of the famous park of prehistory once and for all : a daunting task for the filmmaker at the controls ! To do this, we already know that he has made the return of the iconic trio of the heroes of the masterpiece of 1993, consisting of paleontologists Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and mathematician Ian Malcolm. Three scientists that work leviathan awaits you in this sequel !

Owen Grady
Owen Grady

But this is not all, as there is a multitude of people in this universe (as Barry, Lowery Cruthers or Maisie) will also return in Jurassic World 3it’s going to be a movie more dark than the previous ! Knowing that it will be a true meeting of the protagonists of the saga, you can also discover what happened to several sites discovered in the choice of different movies ? For example, we still do not know what is the Island Sarcastically… Also known as Site B, she appeared in the The Lost World in 1997, then in Jurassic Park 3 in the year 2001. Originally, it was the factory of InGen, a company of bio engineering founded by John Hammond. It served as the breeding place where the dinosaurs were cloned and bred before being transported to the island Cloud.

Alan Grant
Alan Grant

After the tragic events of San Diego, Isla Sarcastically has been declared a restricted area, even if there is no wind has continued to clone illegally dinosaurs (for example, the Spinosaurus). Since then, we have not heard, both in the first Jurassic World or in Fallen Kingdom. But it could be the answer to the problem faced by our hero in Domain ? Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing, will have to find a solution to stop the prehistoric beasts to devastate the world of humans, and the massacre of the citizens. One of the solutions would be to capture the dinosaurs and the park of the Island of Mockery, where they could live without disturbing the rest of the Men… What do you think ? And to the review of the saga Jurassic Park before the release of the sequel, is here !

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