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Jurassic World : Dominion due out in June of 2021. At least, that was before the coronavirus and its consequences.

Principle, Death can wait, Fast & Furious 9, The Black Widow, Mulan, Wonder Woman 1984, Jungle Cruise, Mission : Impossible 7, The Matrix 4… study had not escaped. They are ready to be delivered in the theatres, in full promo or filming, all movies were affected, and the decisions have been even more demanding for box office hits, taking into account the financial issues, and the release of windows, beautiful.

The studio Universal has been one of the first to settle, pushing Fast & Furious 9 a year ago, and the same for Minions 2 : once there was Gru in the stride. And while the shooting of their other large franchises, Jurassic World : Dominionofficially the resume, the question that arises in its release, scheduled for June 2021.

photoThe other big Rex

The Hollywood Reporter the announcement that the blockbuster will be one of the first in leave on trays, 6 of July the famous studios Pinewood. The shot Jurassic World : Dominion had begun at the end of February, before settling in England in the month of march. As of 13 march, the production was stopped in the face of the sars coronavirus.

Sam Neill is expected that on the plates in April, and Jeff Goldblum, in the month of June. In may, the filming had to move in several areas, such as Malta and Hawaii. Chris Pratt had spoken of 100 days of filming, about 5 months. In theory, with a recovery at the beginning of July, Jurassic World 3 would, therefore, be filming until the month of November.

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This would be five months of post-production complete, almost half less than in the previous two parts. The shot Fallen Kingdom was totally completed in July 2017, for a launch in may of 2018. The first Jurassic World : clap of the end of August 2014, and published at the end of may 2015.

Even if this post-production work can begin in parallel with the shot (sometimes in extreme conditions, as in Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker J. J. Abrams is alternated between the shootings and the supervision of the installation, in a tent on the plateau), it is a very narrow window.

photo, Chris PrattStop, the CGI rotten are based on the movement

Universal has nothing for news on a possible release date back, but taking into account the sanitary measures which should logically increase the travel, and the management of the teams diary, it seems difficult imagine that the dinosaurs will be back in June 2021. As much as it will weigh on the budget, knowing that Deadline writing that the Pine wood was charged by the booking of the facilities to be Universal in all this time.

The Batmanfilming a couple of weeks before Domainand stopped later, he too should be released in June 2021, but has been pushed back to October, after that. So that was a blessing for the Universal, and a free territory of the dinosaurs.

In June of 2021, it is still a competitor called Venom : Let There Be Carnage. At the time of the filming of the Jurassic World 3 stopped because of the pandemic, the following Poison was already in post-production, but had, however, changed its scheduled for release in October. One more proof to prepare dinos for this niche is not obvious.

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That said, even if the movie damn Uncharted maintains a release in July of 2021, while his shooting has not yet begun, however, has already been stopped as from the first day by the coronavirus… everything is possible.

photoThe vision of the calendar of outputs renewed


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