Jurassic World 3 : What is the future of the dinosaurs at the end of the movie ?


While the return of this character in the original series you must change the result Jurassic World : Dominionthere is no doubt that the presence of dinosaurs, it should strongly impact on the world of human beings. You will have to live with these prehistoric creatures in the future, or should we expect a new extinction ? The franchise Jurassic Park I was already oriented towards the idea of the invasion of the human world with the dinosaurs. In effect, Jurassic Park : The Lost World 1997, has provided the basis of a video of a T-Rex in downtown San Diego, showing, however, that humans and dinosaurs in the freedom are not a good mix. Jurassic World 3 to his hand it has been suggested that the dinosaurs were beyond the Island Cloud and the Island Sarcastically.

Jurassic Park : The Lost World.
Jurassic Park : The Lost World.

Through this new saga, the franchise of Jurassic World I was able to use elements of the previous films, while the addition of new topics, in particular in Fallen Kingdom. However, if the title Domain assumes a possible coexistence between dinosaurs and humans, is likely to be complicated and this despite the fact that the extermination of the dinosaurs by Men, it seems unlikely in the light of the themes defended by the franchise. More specifically, it is possible that Domain based on this, focusing on a virus that threatens to kill the dinosaurs remaining, so that one idea introduced at the end of the book The Lost World, it has never been explored in movies and by forcing humanity to decide what would be an ethical response. As an alternative, the governments of the world could decide that the dinosaurs are too dangerous and try to destroy, by which the characters of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard to find a compromise that would allow the dinosaurs to continue to exist, without putting human lives in danger.

Jurassic World.
Jurassic World.

In this context, it would be logical, therefore, that Jurassic World 3 to see the dinosaurs surviving, the saga has often functioned as a parallel to society today. In this sense, the film could have gone further in his denunciation of the experiments unfair, and the enormous impact of Humans on biodiversity. This would, ultimately, end with an optimistic note, to provide relief to the box-office success, but most of all, to break the chains of the previous disaster films. In any case, the rights of animals against the interests of the government must be a central theme of Jurassic World 3, a theme that promises something original and that could renew an old saga of 27 years of age !

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